The Foundation

Dahuni Foundation was named after the late Mrs. Sri Dahuni, the mother of Riyani Indriyati, founder of Dahuni foundation. As a teacher and despite being underprivileged herself, she believed that education should be made available for all, especially for girls in small villages.

She was convinced that education was the only way to get out of poverty.

One of the reasons behind the creation of Dahuni foundation was to pay tribute and to honor the legacy of Mrs. Sri Dahuni.

mission & VISION

Our mission is to positively impact lives through higher education scholarships and mentorship.

Dahuni Foundation was established to contribute to the development of a more adept, independent, and worldly generation capable of elevating not only their own lives but the lives of others too

Our values

Dahuni Foundation believes that education is a sustainable investment to end poverty in the long run.

Through its scholarship program, Dahuni contributes in finding effective solution to the ongoing cultural practice of endless financial support to family members.

What we do

Students under Dahuni’s program get a unique and complete experience of receiving the scholarship, mentorship, and the opportunity to volunteer at its annual educational events.

“A professional mentor serves as a brainstorming partner and a coach.”

We search for individuals with characters.

When selecting for the recipients of our scholarship, we are looking for something more than just what looks good on paper.

Hear what they say

" To have had the experience of getting mentorship from Dahuni changed the course of my life. With personalized support, attention, and encouragement that Dahuni has provided, I became fearless to try anything.”
Muhamad Azwar
2021 LPDP scholarship awardee - Wageningen University & Research - The Netherlands
“ Dahuni Foundation scholarship is the gate to endless opportunities. It is the place where I can improve myself, it is a platform to grow, to network, and to connect with likeminded students, scholars, and international community.”
Indira Akmalia Hendri - Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
2021 – Dahuni Foundation Scholarship Awardee
“My most memorable experience volunteering with Dahuni Foundation was listening to the dreams of the students. It made me feel so privileged and blessed. Volunteering with Dahuni has helped me shaped my own dreams and it truly is very inspiring to be part of Dahuni Foundation”
Judith de Blois
Volunteer from The Netherlands
“ The mentorship I received was instrumental in helping me achieving my dream of pursuing a master’s degree abroad. I experienced first-hand how effective mentorship by a professional and compassionate mentor contributed to my success. I am committed to extending the goodwill of Dahuni by becoming a mentor to help others”
Pratiwi Amani
Fulbright scholar, New York University, USA
Ph.D. Scholarship from Southern Cross University, Australia.

Want to get involved?

We are always in need of motivated, fully committed, and goodhearted volunteers to help us organize our educational events.

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