Please consider making donations to the Dahuni Foundation to show your support in changing the lives of these students. A little bit of funds from you can make a difference in their future. Our objective is to continue increasing the number of students we can put to schools but we cannot do it alone.

We need you.

You can make your donation by transferring to our Indonesian bank account:
Yayasan Dahuni
No. rekening 138-00-1576090-8

In addition to supporting us financially, there are also other ways you can help us.

1. Become a Mentor
If you are an academic/professional and possess the knowledge/skill in a specific subject useful for the students, why not mentor them? Email us and let us connect you to our students.

2. Social Networker or Blogger
Share information about Dahuni Foundation by sharing our posts on your social media, tweet about us, or follow us on Facebook.

3. Volunteer
Participate and join us in one of our programs. Email us to get an update of our upcoming events in your area.